This website is dedicated to the works of Carlo Antonio Baratelli. I'm hoping to use this page to learn more about him. The things I'd really like to know:

1) Where he was born, and his birth certificate (I'm narrowing this down...Varese seems like a sure bet, and is probably either Casale Litta or Besano).
2) Pictures or information about his works (see lnks below for what I have...I'm clearly missing a lot)
3) Any other interesting information about him (everything I know is on this site)

Carlo Antonio Baratelli (Americanized: Charles Carlo Baratelli or Charles C. Baratelli)
born: November 22nd, 1882 (Milan?)
died: November 11th, 1925 (Milford, Connecticut)
Wife: Elesa Poli (AKA Elisa Pole) from Lucca
Parents: Angelo Baratelli (Casale Litta) and Annita Vanetti (Besano)
Additional timeline information

Arenth Memorial - Woodlawn Cemetery, New York
South Carolina State House - Columbia, South Carolina
St. Patricks Church - Waterbury, Connecticut
Entrance to Keney Park - Hartford, Connecticut
American Legion Memorial - Ridgefield, Connecticut
Mary Baker Eddy Memorial Tomb- Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Warren Harding School - Bridgeport, Connecticut
Residence of Charles M. Schwab - New York

Harkness Memorial Quadrangle at Yale - New Haven, Connecticut

Bust of Theodore Roosevelt in Boston, Massachusetts
State Capitol at Lincoln, Nebraska
University of Southern California in Los Angeles

Dewey Triumphant Arch
Beltmore Estate - Ashville, NC
State Normal School - Waterbury, Connecticut
Phoenix Bank - Hartford Connecticut
Clark Mansion - New York, New York
St Peter's Church - Hartford, CT

"New York, Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Montreal, and other cities"
"Worked in many parts of the country, especially the eastern and southern states"
"A great deal of commercial work for John Evans, noted Boston sculpturist, Connecticut Brown Stone compnay, Brennan Stone company."
"Hundreds of his masterpieces are in existence throughout this country and in Canada"

Obituary in NY Times, November 13th 1925 - "Regarded One of the Foremost Artists of the Country"
Milford Connecticut Newspaper Obit #1, Nov 12th, 1925 - "World-Famous Sculptor Dies in Milford"
Milford Connecticut Newspaper Obit #2, Nov 12th, 1925 - "Noted Sculptor Dies"
Milford Article - Bridgeport Telegram September 16th, 1924- "Milford Sculptor Finishes Statues for Harding School"
Boston Globe Obit - Nov 13th, 1925 - "Sculptor is dead"
Boston Globe Funeral Announcement - Nov 16th, 1925
Hartford Courant Obit - Nov 13th, 1925 - "Handiwork in Three Places Here"

Biographical Encyclopedia of American Painters, Sculptors, and Engravers of the U.S.
Dictionnaire critique t documentaire Des Peintres Sculpteurs Dessinateurs et Graveurs (Grund 1999)
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Parents living in Quincy in 1920, emmigrated 1890, naturalized 1895?

Oreste Albertini liked to paint Besano

The Stone Cutters' Journal, Volumes 40-42
Mentioned for unknown reasons on pages 20 and 56
Obituary on page 57
(would like to get a copy of this)