I have good information about what he did here thanks to an article published shortly before his death, but did not have pictures. I was also uncertain if the works remained.

1734 Central Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06610

Information taken from Milford Article - Bridgeport Telegram September 16th, 1924- "Milford Sculptor Finishes Statues for Harding School"">article:

"Five pieces of beautiful work which are to be placed in the new Warren Harding high school in Bridgeport, being erected at a cost of one million dollars"

"Five life-like figures in relief representing various forms of athletics and are to be placed in the gymnasium"..."football, tennis, basketball, baseball, and running"

"Carved from smaller models and are of Indian limestone"

"All are excellent reductions. The tennis girl and runner being especially fine work and giving an expression of much action"

The article also mentions that one of the 700 pound statues fell on him and broke his thumb.

I contacted the school and was very fortunate to have reached Patty Ocasio, one of the Main Office Secretaries. She was generous enough to take some great pictures and send them to me after her workday ended!

You can see that the limestone does not wear well. At the time of writing (2013) these sculptures were 88 years old:





Notice the B on the runners shirt...I have asked if this could be related to the school somehow or if it was a mark for Baratelli